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Educational Opportunities for our Gators


Our Actors Academy members have several opportunities throughout the year to learn and grow from the professionals at Savannah Stage Company.  Each year they have attended Garrison to share their touring performance with our students, then engage them in a Q&A about the experience.  We have partnered with Co-Founder and Artistic Director Jayme Tinti to be a community partner with Garrison and join us for our annual STEAM nights each year.  During the winter, when we are preparing our students (5th for Garrison and 8th for Savannah Arts Academy) for auditions, Savannah Stage Company comes out and offers a series of workshops and resume reviews.  One of the highlights is watching our 7th graders participate in the Young Writer's Night  competition, with several earning recognition's!

With the expansion of their youth company members, we are proud to say a few of our Academy Alumni are currently members.

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